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MARCH 31 & APRIL 1, 2023


Located in Fulton's Historical Downtown Square

T.M. Clark was a descendent of the Chickasaw Indians and dreamed for years of creating a festival to highlight the county’s Chickasaw Heritage.  On April 3, 1976, his dream was made into a reality when the first Redlands Festival was held. The festival grew each year and had over a twenty year run - ending in 1998.  

The first Redlands Festival was held in 1976 on Saturday and Sunday, April 3rd and 4th on the campus of IJC (ICC). Paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, woodworking, and furniture makers were among the list of craftsmen. Dance performances included Indian Dancing, Folk Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, and Baton Twirling.  Musical talent included the Ruble Stockton Band, the Blue Grass Ramblers, and the Tombigbee Bottom Band among others.

In 1977 the festival was moved to the downtown area. Well-known musical entertainers performing throughout the years included Marty Robbins, Percy Sledge, Martina McBride and Earl Thomas Conley.

In 1994, the annual 10k Redlands Run became a certified TAC course. Arts and crafts were set up around the Itawamba County courthouse square along with food booths.


The Redlands Festival was resurrected in 2022 with new activities:  Boss of the Toss Cornhole Tournament and Doggie Dash.  Come be a part of paying homage to our Chickasaw Heritage and have some fun too!

1994 Redlands Run.jpeg
Compiled by Ms. Marilyn Leary

Redlands Festival



Potential Sponsor,

      Planning for the 2023 Fulton Redlands Festival is well underway and we need your help to continue to grow this festival for the enjoyment of those who live here and to attract new people to Fulton. It is a great way to show them what we have to offer. Our plan is to grow this festival more and more every year until we have put Fulton in everyone’s mind. We want to create one of the best festivals in northeast Mississippi with top name entertainment and fun activities for all ages that draw people in from our region, west Alabama and beyond.

     Quality entertainment costs money. This creates a situation that can benefit us both. Our allotted budget is not sufficient to cover the cost completely. With your sponsorship you can help this festival continue to grow while we proudly display the names of those businesses who helped for everyone to see. It will let the community know who is interested in seeing Fulton grow and improving the quality of life in Fulton.

   Your sponsorship is not just about a festival. It shows your pride and commitment to making your hometown the best it can be and laying the groundwork for better things to come. In fact, if you are a $1000 sponsor, you will be named an Official Sponsor of ALL events in 2023 organized by the City of Fulton. This will not only show your pride, concern and generosity to your community, but you won’t have to worry about us asking you for money for a whole year!

    So, please consider partnering with the City of Fulton and ICDC as we strive to create something special here in Fulton that we all can be proud of and enjoy. Your sponsorship is an essential key to our success. Thank you for your support and please feel free to contact me with any questions at 662-213-6963 or email me at We would like to have all sponsorships in by January 31, 2023.



Larry Boggs

Redlands Festival Entertainment Coordinator



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